Pay only for results.

PLAM Media is a Google Partner agency with more than 15 years of experience and specialized in CPC & CPL campaigns.



    As an advertising agency we have a single goal: to increase the sales of your business and get a return on every euro of your investment in advertising.

    We achieve this thanks to working strategies in different channels and our experience in the sector. With these campaigns you will only see results, we guarantee it!


    CPC & CPL

    At PLAM MEDIA we are specialists in CPC and CPL campaigns. The first one means Cost per Click and you pay for each click that your ad gets. In the second case, the CPL, known as Cost per Lead, money is paid for each potential customer.

    Search network

    The set of applications and websites where ads that are related to users' searches are displayed.

    Display network

    Ads that will appear on Google's own websites, partners, media, apps or mobile websites, with the aim of attracting attention.

    Shopping Campaigns

    Promotion of products that relate to an organic search specifically within the search engine.

    Video campaigns

    They allow ads to be displayed on You Tube videos and on Google Partner websites, depending on the segmentation applied.

    Advertising of APP

    Campaign to advertise a mobile app on platforms such as Google Play, Google Search, Display Network or associated websites.

    Social Media Ads

    Social networks can be used to promote products and services in order to find new customers and increase brand awareness and visibility.



    At PLAM MEDIA we have a single goal that you get results with your investment in advertising campaigns. We want you to grow and we’ll focus on making you grow.